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Morgans host for 23rd time: Tractors go to work at plowing bee

All types of vintage tractors went to work Saturday for the plowing bee at the David Morgan ranch along the Palouse River in the Manning area.

The tractors plowed a 20-plus acre field in approximately five hours in the 23rd bee.

One new feature of the event this year was after the plowing event when the tractor owners allowed first-time drivers an opportunity to operate the vintage machines with the plows disconnected.

Scenes here show the lineup at the start of the bee with a restored Farmall, top, going off the line.

Tractor drivers at the far end of the field had to negotiate the turn for the roadside stretch back to the farmstead.

Great-grandson Matt Morgan was at the controls of the parking lot train with Kayla Kovanda and Ashley Morgan as passengers.


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