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  • Tayma Vanek

    Tayma Vanek of Colfax wins state DYW title

    Aug 9, 2018

    Tayma Vanek of Colfax topped a field of 11 contestants to win the state Distinguished Young Woman title Saturday night at the Pullman High School auditorium. She will represent the state in the national competition next year in Mobile, Ala. The daughter of G. Todd and Amy Vanek of Colfax, Tayma also was a co-winner in three of the event's competition segments. They included self-expression, talent and the judges' interview. Each event carried a $250 prize. She performed a piano solo,...

  • Hart, Brown book primary leads

    Aug 9, 2018

    John Hart posted a solid lead in the three-way race for district court judge, and Lisa Brown, Democratic challenger to Cathy McMorris Rodgers, edged the incumbent by 215 votes in Tuesday night's count of primary election ballots. The count totaled 6,523 ballots, or about 29 percent of the 22,000-plus ballots that were mailed out to voters. The count did not include the ballots which came into the elections office on the Aug. 7 election day. Hart, who keyed his campaign on the Elect Judge Hart format, booked 2,468 votes in the primary return...

  • Fire along South Palouse contained by local response

    Aug 9, 2018

    District 11 fire crews were dispatched on a report of a fire along S. Palouse River Road Monday at 9:26 a.m. The fire was on the Greg Jones ranch and burned approximately five acres. Jones said the fire is believed to have started from a faulty bearing on a combine. The fire was in a field up the grade from where S. Palouse River Road intersects with Lanky Road about seven miles west of Colfax. The fire was initially reported as a timber fire, but it was in the field past where timber is along...

  • County begins work to repair new transfer station after fire

    Garth Meyer, Gazette Reporter|Aug 9, 2018

    Whitman County Commissioners declared a state of emergency Monday for the Waste Transfer Station south of Colfax, to expedite repair after a fire damaged one wall and the ceiling of the three-year-old building early on the morning of Aug. 3. The state of emergency allows for county Public Works to bypass state bidding laws to hire a contractor as soon as possible. On Monday, Public Works Director Mark Storey called contractors and county consulting engineer Evan Laubach of Reliant Engineering in...

  • Harvest rolls on

    Aug 9, 2018

  • Pullman PD plans second drone day

    Aug 9, 2018

    Pullman Police Department plans a second annual Aerial Adventure Day Saturday, Aug. 11, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Kruegel Park in Pullman. To celebrate National Model Aviation Day, the department will put its new aviation technology on display for visitors to learn about drone law enforcement techniques, watch expert RC flyers in action and even fly drones themselves. Attendees can put their flying skills to the test in a drone obstacle course, which PPD Commander Chris Tennant says resembles a frisbee golf course. Visitors can fly drones...

  • Juveniles in drug arrest

    Aug 9, 2018

    An arrest July 27 on Wawawai Road near Lewiston led to discovery of drugs in a car which was occupied by four underaged people. Deputy Tyler Langerveld’s report said after he stopped the car he detected the odor of marijuana inside the vehicle. Occupants of the car included two girls, both 16, a 17-year-old male who was driving the car, and a 20-year-old male. Also in the car was Matthew G. Berry, 21, Lewiston. He was booked into jail late Friday on a probable charge of drug possession.Langerveld’s report said he stopped the westbound car at...

  • Colfax school board session offers variety of topics

    Garth Meyer, Gazette Reporter|Aug 9, 2018

    Colfax school board met Monday night to approve a budget for the 2018-19 school year and the schematic designs for upcoming school bond construction and accept three resignations. The board also watched a demonstration from the high school robotics team and concluded their discussion of “Leadership and Self-Deception” (Arbinger Institute, 2000). Colfax Superintendent Jerry Pugh noted the district once again received an “Outstanding” rating on annual bus inspection by the Washington State P...

  • CHS grad now on faculty

    Aug 9, 2018

    Kiran Dhillon, a 1997 Colfax High School graduate, will be among new faculty members who have been signed at Colfax High School for the upcoming year. She has been hired to teach science and math at the junior high and high school levels. The faculty position was open following the resignation of Casey Zander, who has departed to teach at Stevensville, Mont. A newlywed, Zander was raised in Montana. She was also an assistant volleyball coach at Colfax during the four years she was on the faculty here. The daughter of Jagtar and Jasvin Dhillon...

  • Whitman County General Election Preliminary Results

    Aug 9, 2018

    Results for federal and statewide races here only include the county totals. County top vote getters may differ from federal and statewide vote getters. FEDERAL OFFICES U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell 3,176, 52.95% Susan Hutchison 1,271, 21.19% Keith Swank 192, 3.20% U.S. Representative, Congressional District #5 Lisa Brown 3,190, 49.50% Cathy McMorris Rodgers 2,975, 46.16% David Saulibio 118, 1.83% Jered Gavin Bonneau 117, 1.82% Kari Olavi Ilonummi 38, 0.59% LEGISLATIVE OFFICES State...

  • WSP accident reports

    Aug 9, 2018

    Karlee Hobart, Lewiston, was unhurt early July 31 when the Ford F-350 truck she was driving went off Highway 195 and struck a car which had been left along the roadway. She was driving southbound at 4:07 a.m. and drifted onto the shoulder of the highway and struck a 1998 Mercedes 320 station wagon 2.5 miles south of Uniontown. The owner of the Mercedes, Dale Braungerr of Colfax, had left the car and was walking to get assistance before the accident. ―Eldon C. Metzer, Colfax, was unhurt when the 1984 motorhome he was driving July 27 went out o...

  • Whitcom board lists finalists for top job

    Aug 9, 2018

    Candidates for Whitcom Executive Director, which oversees the 911 dispatch center in Pullman, met with board members and local residents during an open house Monday at the WSU Visitors Center in Pullman. The position has remained vacant since former Director Patti Kelly retired last January. Members of the public were welcome to attend and give feedback on the candidates. The finalists are current Interim Director Mark Bailey of Palouse, E911 Coordinator and Asotin County Sheriff's Office Captain Dan Hally of Clarkston and University of...

  • Pullman Barracudas keep Cluckey Cup

    Aug 9, 2018

    Pullman Barracudas rolled up 505 points Saturday to keep the Cluckey Cup in the 54th annual Knights of Columbus swim meet at Colfax. The GPOP team (Garfield/Palouse/Oakesdale/Plummer,) a rival of Pullman in the summer campaign, finished with 372 points. Other team point totals were SELW 354, Pomeroy 130 and Colfax 84. Individual high point winners in the junior division were Rayna Ritter and Dillon Thompson, both Pullman, with 26 and 28 points respectively. Winners in the senior division were...

  • Bulletin Column

    Aug 9, 2018

    These reports are from the previous four issues of the Daily Bulletin in Colfax. They are reprinted here for the benefit of Gazette readers who reside outside of Colfax. Some accounts have been updated. ROUNDABOUT TOPIC RETURNS Proposals for a rebuild of the intersection of Highways 26 and 195 on the north end of Colfax returned to the city agenda Monday night. Council members received a copy of the the State Department of Transportation's BUILD funding grant application to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Councilman Jim Kackman said he...

  • Whitman votes blue again

    Jerry Jones, Gazette Editor|Aug 9, 2018

    It was only a paritial count in what amounts to a sample election, but Tuesday night's return for the primary election put Whitman county back on blue side for the big race. Democrat Lisa Brown had 215 more votes than Republican incumbent Cathy McMorris-Rodgers. The Whitman return compares to Spokane county where McMorris-Rodgers was hanging on to a 500-vote margin in the early returns. This county's Democratic edge in the hotly contested race for the 5th District follows the blue return two years ago when Whitman was the lone county east of...

  • I manage my kids' time online...

    Aug 9, 2018

  • Media Action Plan

    Bob Franken, Syndicated Columnist|Aug 9, 2018

    Enough is enough. The time has come for the media to reclaim our role and aggressively cover the Trump administration without the fear. We must disregard the constant bullying by him and his accessories after the "alternative facts," aka flunkies, aka stooges. The new stooge on the block is Bill Shine, forced out as a top dog at Fox News after lawsuits charged him with enabling all of Roger Ailes' alleged sexual outrages. That would immediately endear him to Donald Trump, and sure enough, now he's the new White House communications director,...

  • The Battle Over Socialism is Joined

    Rich Lowry, Syndicated Columnist|Aug 9, 2018

    It's begun. We are having a debate over socialism. Not over whether it's fair to call Democrats socialists. Not over whether socialism has been good for Venezuela or some other faraway, unfortunate country. But socialist policies right here in the United States. The press attention to a new study of the costs of "Medicare for all," or universal health coverage paid for by the government that goes much further than Obamacare, is a sign that it is a live issue. Popularized by Bernie Sanders, Medicare-for-all is not just a fringy left-wing...

  • Thumbs down

    Aug 9, 2018

    I am very disappointed with the lack of candidate information available for the primary election. No newspaper coverage for many positions. Very few ads with little details about the candidate. No voter pamphlet. Candidate forums held at night when I work. No candidate web page to review their qualifications and goals while in office. Only a couple flyers mailed to my home. I dislike voting for unknown candidates. As an independent voter I like to know something about each one on the ballot. Just to vote along party lines is not necessarily a...

  • Doesn't understand

    Aug 9, 2018

    Garth Meyer, in your editorial ("Heads and Tails"), you must be a Republican who doesn't understand what non-Republicans intensely dislike about President Trump. I'll clue you in on some major complaints: His sordid behavior towards women (grabbing their genitalia at will and barging in on naked beauty contestants), using high office for personal gains (Chinese government's grant of $500 million for Trump's Indonesia resort in exchange for Trump granting Chinese manufacturer ZTG U.S. made parts), his numerous lies ("I will give Americans...

  • Everybody wins

    Aug 9, 2018

    By electing Rob Rembert as our next district court judge, everybody can win. All citizens of Whitman County win by having the most qualified individual sitting on that bench. Rembert has more years of experience and far greater breadth of experience than either of the other two candidates. Citizens of Colfax benefit by retaining John Hart as their municipal court judge. He is clearly the most qualified to retain that position. And given Dan LeBeau's success as a deputy prosecutor, he'd be a great choice to replace Denis Tracy as Whitman...

  • Voting dangerously

    Aug 9, 2018

    A sign on Highway 195 between Colfax and Pullman urges readers to "Vote Republican. Keep America moving in the right direction." But our current administration and Congress are moving us in a direction that many of us find unacceptable. We’re moving in deplorable ways to deal with the Zero Tolerance mess. Who’d ever think we’d hear the government suggest that the ACLU take over their responsibility to find parents of children deported prior to reunification, or that the wife of a decorated Iraq war veteran would be deported for no appar...

  • American Giving Surpassed $400 Billion

    Don C. Brunell, Syndicated Columnist|Aug 9, 2018

    Believe it or not, there is good news to report these days. According to the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, last year Americans donated more than $410 billion in cash to non-profit organizations which is up from $389 billion in 2016. Additionally, giving by individuals represented more than 70 percent of total contributions. “Americans’ record-breaking charitable giving in 2017 demonstrates that even in divisive times our commitment to philanthropy is solid. As people have mor...

  • On The Record

    Aug 9, 2018

    REAL ESTATE Krystal Repp, Spokane, to Paul and Raeiah Currier, Pullman, house on NW Polaris Street, Pullman, $229,000, July 10. Kelly and Ann McKiernan, Pullman, to Frank Sheridan and Paula Marmont, Stanwood, house on NW Wallingford Court, Pullman, $353,313, July 10. Nicholas and Suzann Henning, to Greg and Sarah Beale, St. John, two land parcels near Sunset, $800,000, July 10. Allen and Alaina Guyer, Sun City West, Ariz., to Andrew and Ronda Penwell, house on S. Lake Street, Colfax, $258,000, July 10. Lihua Wang, Seattle, to Brandon and Cheyen...

  • First Thursday taps soul of summer

    Aug 9, 2018

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